1. On arrival you are requested to report to the Farm Manager to sign a copy of the “Conditions of Entry & Regulations” and Indemnity Form.
  2. Tonevale Farm subscribes to ethical hunting practices and all hunters are required to sight in their rifles before hunting.
  3. Hunters are to be aware at all times of their firing line as there are dwellings on the farm and on neighbouring farms and pedestrians using farm roads.
  4. A guide will be provided. The guide will act as an observer and guide to the area and will have the authority to enforce the rules and regulations of the farm.  All guides are bound by a Code of Conduct and are subject to periodic polygraph testing.
  5. For safety reasons, only one hunter is to hunt at any one time, and he must be in the presence of the guide when shooting.
  6. Hunting is only permitted in the areas indicated by the guide.
  7. The word of the guide or physical evidence of blood will be taken as proof that an animal has been shot.  Wounded animals will be charged for in full.  Missed shots are charged at 30% of the cost of the animal.
  8. A wounded animal is charged at the full list price and is the responsibility of the hunter. However, if a hunter  departs before locating the wounded animal, he forfeits his rights to the carcass regardless of having paid for that animal and may be liable for additional finishing off costs of up to 30% of the list price of the animal.         
  9. Hunters’ vehicles will be confined to roads/tracks designated by the guide.
  10. No hunting is permitted within 200m of a vehicle.
  11. No hunting is permitted from half-an hour after sunset to half-an-hour before sunrise.
  12. The speed limit throughout the farm is 20 km/h. Please drive with caution on the farm roads as there are cane trucks, other cars and pedestrians using some of the roads.
  13. The lighting of fires is only permitted at the designated camp site.
  14. I hereby undertake to abide by the above conditions and regulations.